Marketing Engineer

Job description

Location: Remote or Berlin

Starting Date: ASAP

Position: Full-time

Team: Marketing

Joining GraphCMS means joining an innovative and passionate team working to build the most advanced content management system on the market. GraphCMS is trusted by an enthusiastic community of over 40,000 teams delivering millions of digital experiences worldwide.

GraphCMS offers a dynamic workplace where teams are encouraged to be creative when solving problems and are excited to continue their professional development.

We are focused on bottom-up adoption with an enterprise offering, and most of our efforts on the marketing team are to empower developers to build their best with a modern stack. At GraphCMS you will be part of a vibrant community of GraphQL enthusiasts.

Your Role

As a frontend engineer in the marketing team, you will own the technical discipline within the marketing team, currently composed of the marketing website (, open-sourced reference applications using GraphCMS (, and GraphCMS Examples (

Reporting to the VP of Marketing, you will work in the intersection between our Marketing, Business Development, and Product team. You will have individual accountability and complete support over establishing the short term goals and long term strategy for the technical side of the marketing team, as we accelerate our marketing efforts, and create specific content for product adoption and sales enablement.

Some of the things you will be working on include:

  • Owning the Marketing Website: Our current marketing website on is built in-house using Gatsby and GraphCMS. You will be in charge of the website from an engineering standpoint going forward, by factoring in the input coming via the Marketing, Product, and Business Development teams.
  • Owning Reference Applications: The Marketing team constantly builds larger “real-world” applications of GraphCMS to showcase the possibilities of building with our product. These include projects like websites, knowledge bases, blogs, eCommerce shops, and portfolios, to name a few - each with their own repository, UI, and content. The intention is to open source these references to improve user onboarding by giving them better context into how GraphCMS is used with frameworks and languages like Next.JS, Gatsby, and Gridsome, to name a few. These references ideally make the most of our free plan, and eventually become starters for new users to use. You will take on the ownership of these reference applications.
  • Assisting in “enterprise” Reference Applications: Further to the reference applications available to the entire community under the free plan, the marketing team assists the wider commercial organization with larger references that showcase how our enterprise features work together - commonly referred to as “master demos”. You will assist the Solutions Engineering team in creating such references, and use your expertise and knowledge to guide them in choosing the best stacks, and showcasing GraphCMS’s core features and capabilities.
  • Building and sharing examples: We’re strong believers in providing the community with free and open source examples and references on how to use GraphCMS with other frameworks and tools like Next.js, Gridsome, CartQL, Gatsby-image, and Algolia, to name a few. You will be responsible to create similar examples ( for reference), and create sufficient content (docs, blog posts, streams, etc.) around them to empower the community in adopting them.
  • Content Creation and Education: Though not required, you are encouraged to use your knowledge and expertise to write tutorials for GraphCMS to be published on owned platforms, as well as on external platforms, Smashing Magazine, etc. You will be supported to create content in a wide variety of formats (blog posts, tutorials, guides, live streams, code examples, etc.) that equally focus on how various modern languages and frameworks empower the developer community in building projects, as well as on how GraphCMS enables them to do so. 
  • External Involvement: Though not required, should you prefer to be involved in any courses, contributions, and projects that are relevant to your knowledge, you will have the team’s support to encourage you to share your knowledge with external audiences not necessarily overlapping with GraphCMS’.
  • Represent GraphCMS: Based on your preferences, and as part of the marketing team, you may be presented with several opportunities to represent GraphCMS at events and conferences (both big and small), and take the initiative to widen our reach within specific communities through speaking engagements, sponsorships, and workshops, at several events.
  • Contributions: The GraphCMS blog and other content pages aren’t just for product news - we want you to share your expertise on relevant topics as well! We want to foster an environment that encourages all of us to build up our personal profiles as well as create valuable content (on the company site, personal domains, social media, doesn’t matter) that lead towards greater information sharing. Be prepared to share ideas on contributions from the beginning, and the rest of the marketing team will do their best to help amplify that!


Your Profile and Experience

  • You have several years of experience as a Frontend developer, preferably within the commercial disciplines of the Marketing or Product team.
  • You are highly proficient with our preferred stacks and tools for the marketing website - Gatsby, Next.js, Vercel, and GraphQL to name a few.
  • You are familiar with several of the tools used on the commercial side - specifically from an implementation standpoint - such as Hubspot, Google Marketing Platform, Segment, VWO, and Algolia, to name a few.
  • You must be efficient with several of the core languages and frameworks we use within GraphCMS for creating content around, such as TypeScript, Next.js, GraphQL, React, Vue, Nuxt.js, and Gatsby, to name a few.
  • Deep understanding of how it used to be, and how it is now with deployment, continuous integration, Jamstack, APIs, etc.
  • You are comfortable with jumping in to assist with several teams - namely Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Product.
  • You are comfortable with taking the ownership of building “complete products” as reference applications, which will be made open source.
  • The ability to learn quickly and keep up to date with the latest changes in the industry.
  • You believe in a no-bullshit and no-ego work environment where you can speak your mind and be blunt.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, preferably with a fluency in English.

Bonus Points for

  • You believe in long-term sustainable marketing and growth. We don't believe in daily talks about buzzwords like hockey-sticks, game-changers, or disruption.
  • You have some level of creative proficiency in creating content.
  • You are very familiar with Headless CMS, Content APIs, and GraphQL.
  • You have worked for a developer-focused company in the CMS/API space before and understand working with an API-led product.
  • You have some contextual understanding of wider marketing and product disciplines that you would align with, such as SEO, Design, and Product Marketing.
  • You have operational knowledge in Content APIs and understand how a Headless CMS works.
  • You have a good understanding of the differences and implications in stack choices between organisations of all scales.
  • Ability to multitask and jump in to other marketing disciplines when needed.

Life at GraphCMS

Our low-ego environment and “manager of one” work style gives colleagues the freedom to create their own success in a supportive and hands-off culture. We are a young team that is growing fast with plenty of room to take on responsibility and make a big impact. 

We believe in a remote-first approach where everyone is encouraged to do their best from wherever they are, and work asynchronously with individual responsibility and accountability.

  • Our great workplace environment helps you to unfold your creativity.
  • We offer competitive salaries based on experience.
  • Flexible work hours and home office policy.
  • Company tech to make sure you're at your best (Macbooks, monitors, docks, mice, you name it).
  • An international and friendly team spread across 9 countries, coming together once a year for our annual off-site.
  • Enthusiastic startup culture.
  • Great growth potential. A place where you can make your mark and advance your career.

The Process

It is our intention to be transparent about the process we would follow for this position (although you could expect some alterations when necessary):

  • Casual intro call
  • First interview with the Developer Relations and Marketing team
  • [Potential] Technical assignment
  • Casual conversation with our Marketing and Product team
  • [Potential] Third interview with and debriefing
  • Offer.